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As if you were in the host country
If you are still not sure about going or sending your children abroad

Do you want to have a new experience in learning languages? Book a stay with a native host family or at the teacher’s home.

At we offer complete and innovative language immersions: temporary stays with our native English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian or Chinese-speaking families. Also Spanish for foreigners. If you are age 9 or older, and a minimum basic language level or A2/B1 of the Common Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR):, a family will welcome you to their home, near your home, when you leave school or work, introduce you to their culture and customs and pass time with you always talking to you in their native language. You will also work together on a variety of social, cultural and, above all, sustainable activities with the 2030 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) set by UNESCO: and you will contribute to achieving a better world. is an entity aligned with the SDGs.

You no longer have to spend thousands of euros to take part in an immersion abroad with native families!

We offer immersions with native host families of the main languages ​​and cultures, whether individuals or couples with or without children, you decide which type of family you prefer.

With families chosen and prepared for language immersions.

Depending on the availability of the host and you, choose any of the six immersive schedules packs in which, for a week and depending on the schedule, you can organize yourself in the way that best suits you (several afternoons during the week and/or a weekend). 

Repeat as many times as you want with different families or with the same

Get out of the rut. Activate your language intensively with your 5 senses through socializing activities and discover the culture and customs of your host family.

You decide, you just have to agree with your hosts on the days and times and agree on all the details that interest you before making the reservation

A complete and unique linguistic immersion. If you try it, you will repeat it!!

At we want to help you make the right choice. All host families have detailed profiles with a file that includes photos and even a self-introduction video, you will know what area they live in, the house, their favorite hobbies and activities and you will be able to read opinions, evaluations and references from other previous visitors.

For more information

For our language immersions with native host families, contact us by email at or via the contact form:


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